Donate To Joshua Tree

Learn how you can help support Joshua Tree Feeding Program.

Joshua Tree Feeding Program Inc. is an ALL VOLUNTEER organization that depends on the generosity of exceptional people and other community organizations that donate their time, food and money to our program.

All of this is only possible with your help....

As HIV/AIDS becomes an ever larger and more desperate threat to ALL of our lives and well being, we fear that the needs of our clients will definitely outgrow our limited resources.

Donations are accepted in person, by mail, or on-line at

If you are interested in subscribing to a Recurring Monthly Donation. Just select the amount and click below.

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Unable to contribute financially, and wondering how you can still help.

Joshua Tree Feeding Program and Pet Assistance Project is always in need of items such as:

  • Non Perishable Food Items
  • Personal Care Items
    • Soap
    • Tooth Paste & Brushes
    • Toilet Paper
    • Hair Combs * Brushes
  • Gift Cards for stores that sell groceries, pet supplies, business & hardware supplies.
    (examples: Safeway, Fry's, Basha's, Walmart, Target, Staples, OfficeMax, Home Depot, Lowes)

Contact us by phone at 602-264-0223 or by email at

To see a listing of donations that have been made to Joshua Tree Click Here