Pearl Partnership

Pearl Partnership

Did you know that Joshua Tree . . . ?

  • Served 341 clients in 2018?
    • 63% of Joshua Tree clients are racial or ethnic minorities.
    • Clients received an average of 12 food boxes in 2018 each of which contained about 30 pounds of nutritious food.
  • Has no paid staff and relies completely on volunteers to deliver services?
    • In 2018, 138 volunteers donated 8,405 hours of service to feed hungry people.
    • If volunteers had been paid staff, the services would have cost $207,518.
  • Receives no government funding and relies on donations and philanthropy to provide services?
    • If 300 people donate just $30 every month, Pearl Partners will contribute more than $100,000 in annual funding.

PearlIn various traditions, the Pearl symbolizes integrity, generosity, purity, and wisdom acquired through experience.

To honor more than 30 years of service to people living with HIV, we are pleased to introduce the Pearl Partnership. For your monthly donation of just $30 ($1 per day), our Pearl Partners will provide the Joshua Tree Feeding Program, Inc. with a stable source of annual funding.

In recognition of you joining the Pearl Partnership, each partner will receive a hand-crafted lapel pin depicting your commitment to us.

Click the following link to become a Partner.