Welcome To Joshua Tree Feeding Program

Feeding the HIV/AIDS Community in Metro Phoenix since 1988.

2014 "Masquerade" Gala

Joshua Tree Feeding Program will be having their annual gala to celebrate their 26th Anniversary.

2014 Gala Poster

The theme for Joshua Tree Feeding Program's Gala will be "Masquerade".

For more information and to purchase seats or tables, please click here

Artist Helps Joshua Tree

Kale Who?  Taste The Rainbow

Artist, Marcia Hall, has chosen to include Joshua Tree as one of the organization that she will support with the sale of custom designed bags.

1/3 of the proceeds of the "Kale Who? Taste This Rainbow." Bag will go directly to Joshua Tree.

To read a blog about her efforts as well as to purchase bags online, just got to hipveggies.com/site/introducing-the-joshua-tree-feeding-program/

Food Boxes Every Wednesday

We are distributing food boxes to clients every Wednesday. ...more

All of this is only possible...

... with your help and DONATIONS!

Joshua Tree is an ALL VOLUNTEER organization that depends on the generosity of exceptional people and other community organizations like you. ... more.

Book Sale

Book Sales

200% of the royalties for the following BecHavn Publishing books are donated each month to Joshua Tree without condition:

  • The Official Drag Handbook 2011 or the revised edition
  • Why Me Harvey Milk?
  • DRAG Stories
  • Crown Me! The Art of Winning Pageants
  • Gypsy Moon
  • Drag World vol. I and II
  • Opie and the Story of Forest Heights
  • DRAG Parents - Honoring Mentors
  • 2014 International DRAG411 Directory

(Note: 50% of "As I Am" or "Boots, Dogs, and the Sea .")