Welcome To Joshua Tree Feeding Program

Feeding the HIV/AIDS Community in Metro Phoenix since 1988.


In an effort to keep our clients and volunteers safe, and to do our part to "Flattening the Curve", Joshua Tree implemented the following safety procedures effective March 25th, 2020

These measures will be in effect until further notice.

  1. Starting Wednesday, March 18, 2020, clients will sign-up for a specific half-hour shopping block for the following week. (Sign up on March 18th for a time on March 25th, for example.)
  2. Each 30 minute block will be limited to 9 clients.
  3. Sign-up times will start every 30 minutes from 8:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.
  4. Clients, including the handicapped, will be allowed in only during their chosen time.
  5. If a client misses their chosen time, they have two choices. First, they shop at the end of distribution at 1:00 p.m. Second, they will be invited to sign up for a time the following Wednesday.
  6. The Client Lounge is closed until further notice.
  7. Clients will wait outside in the courtyard until their chosen time.
  8. New or returning clients will be signed up for the next available time slot.
  9. The following procedures will be strictly enforced:
    1. Clients will be called at their chosen time.
    2. Upon entering Joshua Tree, clients and volunteers will be given and required to wear a face mask.
    3. Clients will sign in as usual.
    4. When entering the Food Room, clients and volunteers will be given and required to wear gloves.
    5. Only 3 clients will be allowed in the Food Room at a time.
    6. Item limits will be strictly enforced.

The Board of Directors of the Joshua Tree Feeding Program, Inc. knows that these health and safety procedures are not ideal. However, they are necessary during this time of public health emergency. We will return to our normal distribution procedures as soon as possible.

Facts Behind Senior Hunger

Seniors Being Hungry is a Nationwide Epidemic

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Joshua Tree is happy to partner with Amazon with their purchase sharing program, Amazon Smiles.

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Face Masks

Capt Mickey

Since Personal Protective Equipment has been in short supply, Sister Addie Tude began making the most amazing face masks.

They are available to purchase at the following link.


Public Service Announcement

Food Boxes Every Wednesday

We are distributing food boxes to clients every Wednesday. ...more

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